NO. 2490



I have been modeling for 12 years. I have done over 200 shoots a year, so companies that are concerned about direction can also rely on me. [my experience] I have experience in beauty, bridal, kimono, business, travel, and family ad shoots, apparel e-commerce shoots, magazines, stock photo shoots, video, reporter, and live-streaming corporate projects. I'm also able to provide the following services. ・Clothing size: size 7, S-M ・Shoe size: 23.5cm, size M Various outfits are available. (suits, office casual, yoga/training wear, loungewear, casual wear, accessories, etc.) Hair and makeup can be arranged if necessary. I can also do your hair without makeup. Nails are not provided. [Appeal Points] 1) I'm confident in our teeth and appreciate a natural smile. I am also good at posing for brand images and situations. 2) I can be entrusted with self hair and makeup for photoshoots. I am particular about beauty, and I also deliver beauty and makeup-related services through live-streaming for major manufacturers. I am also particular about skin care and have received favorable reviews for the lack of retouching. I am also a professional photographer, and I am always ready to respond flexibly on site. すべての撮影を一生懸命取り組んでおります。 年間200以上の撮影をこなしておりますので、ディレクションに不安がある企業様も安心してお任せください。 ■実績につきまして ビューティー、ブライダル、着物、ビジネス、旅行、ママ役ファミリーなどの広告撮影、アパレルEC撮影、雑誌、ストックフォト撮影映像、リポーター、ライブ配信企業案件の実績がございます。 ■過去撮影集 ジャンル別撮影イメージをInstagram @yurikapi_negi TOP掲載ハイライトにてご覧いただけます。 ■衣装・ヘアメイクにつきまして ・服サイズ:7号、S-Mサイズ ・靴サイズ:23.5cm、Mサイズ ・衣装各種ご用意可能です。(スーツ、オフィスカジュアル、ヨガ・トレーニングウェア、ルームウェア、私服、アクセサリー等) ・ヘアメイクも必要でしたらお任せください。スッピンも可能です。 ・ネイルはしておりません。 ■アピールポイント ①歯並びに自信があり、自然な笑顔を評価いただきます。またブランドイメージやシチュエーションに合わせたポージングが得意です。 ②セルフヘアメイクで撮影をお任せいただけます。美容にはこだわっており、大手メーカー様のライブ配信などで美容・メイク系の配信も行っております。スキンケアもこだわりがあり、レタッチの少なさに好評いただいております。 ③クライアント様方に気持ちよく撮影をしていただけるよう、迅速で丁寧な連絡を心がけ、現場でも柔軟に対応しております。

[Magazines] Takarajimasya "Sweet" / Shueisha "MORE" / Gentosha "GINGER" / Kobunsha "CLASSY." / Shogakukan "Oggi" / Shogakukan "CanCam" / Takarajimasya "mini" / Shodensha "Zipper" / Hinode Publishing "SEDA" / Futabasha "JILLE" / Shinbei Publishing "shinbiyo" / Women Mode-sha "HAIRMODE" / Waseda University Alumni Association "Waseda Gakuho" / Senden Kaigi "Senden Kaigi" [CM & Advertisements] Prince Hotel Karuizawa Prince Hotel 2022 Winter Advertisement and Video / White Lapin "Imabari Towel &Cotton" / Misumi Pharmaceuticals "Mr. My Skin" / TREPOT "Monthly Self Esthetics totona" / Omoya "Kono Kono Gohan" / Prince Hotel Karuizawa 2022 Winter Advertisement and Video / White Lapin KK "Imabari Towel &Cotton Fast Retailing UNIQLO "Ultra Light Down", "Easy Leggings Pants", "Warm Pants", "UT" WEBCM, in-store video / adidas advertisement / Lotte Corporation "ZEUS" / Kirin Holdings Company, Limited "Kirin Ichiban Shibori" / Ministop Corporation / Mercari Inc. [Apparel EC] Katherine Ross Corporation / COOMB, Canon Creation Inc. / Brail Abt Ltd. [TV] Yomiuri TV "Su-matan! & ZIP!" / NTV "ZIP!" / Asahi Broadcasting Corporation "New Generation SNS Star Awards NEXT" / Abema TV "W Tragic Comedy" / Fuji TV "Odaiba Live Year-End Party 5 Hour SP ~Mote Onna 100 VS Unattractive Geisha & Idols~" / TV Asahi "Student Heroes" [Reporter & Announcer] Motoren TOMATSU BMW / MINI YouTube / Pharmaceutical Care Cera Twitter LIVE [Live Commerce] Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Care Cera Amphur Corporation Scalp D Beaute / Kozit Corporation / Ginza Stephanie Cosmetics Company PHYSIOGEL
MIMC MiMC Corporation / Kansai Enzyme Corporation Refleur / Nuzzle Litomy Corporation / T-Garden shushupa! Styling Life Holdings Becure Honey / Amore Pacific Japan K.K. Innisfree HiToSiA fin! Link Ties "Forbes JAPAN" / Ex "LIVER MAGAZINE" / Advertising Conference "AdverTimes" / SBI Securities "iDeCo online" / Sony Music "M-ON! MUSIC" / Cubic "Popcorn" [Music Video] Rola "Call Me Maybe from TOKYO" / 윤 종신 with ZICO (Block B) "Wi-Fi" [show] HARAJUKU KAWAii!!!! 2012" Tokyo Big Sight / "HARAJUKU KAWAii! WINTER 2011" Shinkiba STUDIO COAST / "HARAJUKU KAWAii! FES 2013" Laforet Museum / "KAWAii! MATSURi 2013" at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium [Awards] PIXTA 2021 Best Female Model Award / 17LIVE 17 Glory 2019 1st place in the world / 17LIVE 17 Audrey Kasuga's Special Trick Man 1st place / 17LIVE 17 Quiz King 3rd 1st place / 17LIVE 17 Quiz King 2nd 2nd place 17LIVE 17 Quiz King 1st 3rd place / 17LIVE Cooking Battle 2nd 2nd place / 17LIVE Cooking Battle 1st 2nd place / Waseda Collection 2011 / Waseda Yukata Contest 2011 Grand Prix

Still photography / Video Shooting / Reporter / Influencer / 17LIVE (#1 in the world)