NO. 2803


Republic of Korea

I was a K-pop idol, TV personality, and model in South Korea. In 2019, I came to Japan and debuted as a gravure idol in a weekly magazine FLASH shoot. I won the Kodansha Miss iD 2021 Oogo Tsuyoshi Award. Appeared on Fuji TV's "Out Deluxe - A woman who is not pitied even if she is molested". I'm now a regular on "Tenshi to Sage" on TV program "Teletama. I made my debut as an actress in a Japanese movie for the first time in the karate movie "One Sky. I will be cranked in September 2022 for the lead role in "Idol Sniper Double". I can speak Japanese well enough to appear in Japanese variety shows and am a native speaker of Korean. I have special skills in Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Kendo, and other action sports, and I aim to become an actress who can also perform action roles.

[Movie] ●2020 "One Sky" directed by Endo Ippei - to be released in January 2022 ●2020 "EditorDay`s" directed by Ikuro Takano - Filming in progress ●2020 Director: Park Sung-jae - "At First, Everyone Is Like That" - Filming in progress ●2016 - "Libido" directed by Chung Eun-soo - Female lead [TV] ●2022 Tele-TV "Angels and Sages" (semi-regular) ●2021 Fuji TV "Out Deluxe" Appearance ●2016: Regular appearance on CJ ONSTYLE's "The Body Show4" in Korea ●2015 Korean Cookie TV "S's Secrets" - Appearance in Lynn [Drama] ●2016 Appearance in web drama "At First Everyone Is So" [DVD] ●2022 My Roll "3rd. DVD Futari Tabi" February 17 - (Shin Yamagishi) ●2021 Take Shobo "2nd DVD Tsuyokawa Joshi" September 24 - (Shin Yamagishi) ●2020 S Digital "LEE LYN-First Gravure DVD [Magazine, Book] ●2021 One Publishing "CAPA" October issue, column by writer Shin Yamagishi ●2021 Shueisha's "ShuukupreGra Japan! Shueisha, "Shuueisha's Shukupure Gura Japan! ●2021: The last issue of Genkosha's "Photo Technic Digital," column by artist Shin Yamagishi, "The Girls Who Carried My Camera. The Girls Who Carried My Camera" in the final issue of Genkosha's Photo Technic Digital ●2021 "Lee Lin's Fighting Poses" (Genkosha) ●2020 GENKOSHA "Photo Technic Digital" June issue, photogravure, intervew ●2020 Shogakukan Bic Comics "Spirits" No. 13 Gravure, intervew ●2020 Genkosha "Photo Technic Digital" March issue gravure, intervew ●2020 Kobunsha "FLASH" March issue ●2019 Kobunsha's "FLASH" Oct. gravure, intervew ●2016-2017 Korean military magazine "HIM ●2016-2017 Serialization of columns for Korean military magazine "HIM ●2015 "Lynn Style Marshall Diet", Nihon Ei Shuppansha, May. ● 2014~2016 Weekly serialization of "Lynn's Cosplay Diary" in Sankei Sports. [CM] ●2017 "LISANGE Crayon Rip" CM main model ●2016 BANDAI NAMCO "ps4 GUNDAM BREAKER" CM main model ●2016 "International Phone OTO" Main model for commercial ●2016 "DRAGON RISE" (game) CM main model [Advertisement] ●2019 Model for the magazine "Soft Icecream" ● 2016 "Daevac Westward Journey" (online game company) main model ●2015 - 2015 - Main model for "God Demon Guidance" (Pax Game) ●2014-2015 Exclusive model for TrueFoxy, a yoga clothing brand ●2012 Exclusive model for CJ "Fat down" diet drink [Serials] ●2016-2017 Serialized columnist for Korean military magazine "HIM ●2015 Release of "Lynn-style Marshall Diet" in May with Japan A Publishing Co. ● 2014~2016 Weekly serialization of "Lynn's Cosplay Diary" in Sankei Sports. ●2014 No.1 in Sankei Sports' entertainment news ranking for 10 consecutive weeks. [Album] ●2019 "Turboy" "Let's Go Hanami"(Tulboy friends Lynn/Gaun)(featuring) ●2016 Girl Group "BeBeHeal" - Coke bottle [Other] ●2022 Shin-Okubo Show Box 1st One Man live ●2022 Sofmap Akiba - "LEE LYN 3rd image DVD "Futari Tabi" release commemoration event ●2021 Sofmap Akiba - "Lee Lynn LEE LYN-2nd image DVD Tsuyokawa Joshi" release event ●2021 OneAsia Frstival - Band performance ●2020 LEE LYN 1st fan meeting in Tokyo ●2020 LEE LYN-First image DVD release event in Akihabara Sofmap ●2019 Tokyo Sportec2019 "Seven beauty-Lyn's martial diet" Event ●2019 OASIS Love Simulation VR Game Luv Revololution Character Appearance ●2018 Japanese band "METROPOLIS de ONELIA" new song PV 'Blue Flower' Female lead character ●2016 Lynn's "Marshall Diet" VOD (olleh T

●Specialties: 4th dan in Tae Kwon Do, 4th dan in Aikido, 4th dan in Ryu Budo, 2nd dan in martial arts, 1st dan in Kendo, 1st dan in Kung Fu, 1st dan in Judo, 17th dan in overall martial arts. ●Hobbies: Electric guitar, cosplay